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How to look great on camera!

Are you the people that say "I don't look good in pictures" ?

Are you the people that avoid getting photo taken?

Are you the people that know you look so much better in real life and wished you had a decent photo of yourself and not afraid to show it off?

If you are the people above, I have ways to help.

It's started with 3 simple rules.

Yes! rules! These are crucial and you have to trust me on this! When you strictly follow these rules, I assure you that you will have great picture taken anytime.

Rule 1 : Confidence

Forget about your old bad pictures that you go blah... every time you look at them. Remember when you feel unsure or insecure, it shows. It shows on your face and it definitely shows on your picture.

Do you agree with me that when you look at old images of you that you hate, many of them show insecurity? You were possibly thinking oh no I'm gonna look bad again in the picture so you fake that smile and sure enough you have another blah picture.

Let's change that!

Believe today, you look great in real life and you look great in pictures.

When you smile to the camera, imagine you smile to your love ones. Imagine you're seeing something so beautiful and you can't help smiling.

Imagine you're watching your kids playing or running among butterflies in the sunset, imagine traveling to the most beautiful places, imaging you're smiling to your hot boyfriend or Chris Hemsworth in your bed... well your choice. Just picture one or two depends on how many pictures you got taken really. The more of beautiful things you can imagine while looking straight at the camera, the more good looking you will show up in the photograph.

Rule 2 : Understand lights

Sounds complicate but it ain't!

If you're outdoor, find some shade and stand under it. Or turn away from direct sun and shade yourself... in other word, stand with the sun behind you.

That shade is going to defuse that harsh sun and make you skin look soft and beautiful. Direct sun create define light and shadow that will highlight every imperfections your have on your skin. So avoid that. Especially when the sun is straight on top of your head, more than likely you'll have very dark eye pockets from the shadow casted from your brown bones.... not very flattering. Unless, you lean your face against the sun but that you will kinda need professional eyes to guide you and extensive image editing. Assume you don't have this professional guy. It's better to avoid getting picture taken in this light condition to ensure the best result of the good looking you.

How about indoor! You can pretty much do anything indoor. It's just like the shade I was talking about earlier. But! Be careful when the ceiling lights turned on. Don't stand right under it. It works just like the harsh sun... and for some of us that has light color hair or less hair, standing under these ceiling lights will give you bald spot! So stand back a bit and you have nothing to worry about.

Rule 3 : Posing

Nobody wants to look wide and the cameras tend to make you look wider than you are. Try turning your body side way just a bit... not too much then it will look too obvious. You want to look naturally beautiful and handsome, not wide and not pretentious. This is going to require some practicing.

Try standing and sitting in front of the mirror when you're by yourself. And watch where you put your arms and hands. Arms and hands are actually make the picture! When the arms and hands let hang on the side of your body, the picture just doesn't look that interesting.

You have to find places for them and in the same time you want you hands to look comfortable when you place them or cross them in curtain ways.

Please don't put your hand on your hip and pop that booty because you see everybody was doing it! If you have no connection to that pose, putting hand on your hip is not gonna make you less awkward. Be sure the pose suit your personality.

So take times to enjoy yourself in front of the mirror and discover yourself. You can get ideas from different magazines or google for poses. If you can incorporate your legs and feet to the pose, that is wonderful too.

Pick out a few favorite poses that you can switch out for different images. Make sure you feel comfortable with the poses.

Now you have it! The 3 simple rules, the fundamental of looking great in camera.

Without these 3, great image is hard to happen.

As a photographer, I can guide people through different poses and make them look really good. I use the knowledge of light and editing skills to create beautiful images for my clients. However, to create great images is not all that up to me without my beautiful confident subjects. I always tell my clients to smile to the camera like they're smiling to someone they really love or imagine something else that relevant to the shoot. Forget about the lights, forget about me, forget about the fear of taking bad pictures... and it's like magic when my clients connect with themselves.

I can't say enough that

we are the most beautiful when we are ourselves. The beauties shine through. Back to rule number 1. 100% success every time.

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